Choosing The Right Commercial Heating System

Installing commercial heating can be an expensive task. You should research it well right from the beginning because – while it’s great when you find something that works well for you – the consequences of choosing the wrong commercial heating solution can be enormous and wide-ranging.

You should also remember that the initial cost of commercial heating installation, and then separate from that, the ongoing running costs for your chosen commercial heating solution are just two smaller parts of the deal as a whole. Maintenance is another large issue and the costs for this can vary significantly depending on the commercial heating system you choose and how you have it installed on your premises.

To help you make the right choice as regards your commercial heating system, the Adapt Gas Solutions team will today take a look at the options available to you. Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

Repairman performing commercial gas maintenance on a radiator

Gas & Oil-Fuelled Commercial Heating Systems

Since we’re expert commercial gas engineers by trade, we’ll start with commercial heating installations using gas. Though these commercial heating systems might not be as efficient as other systems (depending on their age) this option has been around for a long time. As a result, maintenance personnel like ourselves are well aware of their strengths, weaknesses and maintenance needs.

Such a commercial heating installation works like this: Oil or gas is used as fuel, which Is used to heat water, creating steam. This steam then condenses and passes through a system of ducts to heat up a space. Since this system is based on steam heating, circulation of the heat takes a while because the boiler takes a while to kick start and the heat some more time to circulate – but again, the advantage here is that commercial gas installations such as these are well known and understood, and easier to fix should something go wrong.

Natural Commercial Heating

An alternative to this traditional approach is a natural energy system, which makes more use of sustainable resources. These are systems that make use of vast energies like that of the sun or geothermal power. Such heating systems are a blessing to our current environment and are highly cost-efficient when compared to the other forms of heating. They can cost you a significant amount at the time of installation, but you will see the returns in a short while.


Commercial Heating Via Heat Pumps

The process of using a heat pump is based on the technology that you see in fridges, which involves making heat out of cold air with the help of a refrigerant. This heat can then be pumped throughout your premises. This commercial heating installation is efficient – because it does not make use of a fuel base like that of gas or oil – but again maintenance might be harder, as might be sourcing the refrigerant the system needs to work.

4 connected gas tanks leading towards the camera on stable pressure
a bolt being tightened into a steel pipe that goes out away from the camera

With these various commercial heating installation options to bear in mind, as we said right at the start of this piece it’s important to sit down, take some time and go over the various pros and cons. You must do this is you want to be sure of finding the commercial heating installation that will offer you maximum value for money. When considering these factors you should also bear in mind variables such as how long you want your new commercial heating installation to last, how long it can realistically be expected to last, how long you expect to stay at your current premises, and whether or not you own the building outright – since if the answer is no, you may well have to get approval from the building owner before you go ahead with your new heating installation.

Every business’ circumstances are different, and what works well in one case or set of circumstances, might not work well in another. That being the case, unfortunately we can’t give you a blanket ‘one size fits all’ answer here as to what the best heating solution is. However, as the North-West’s commercial gas installation professionals, we are well placed and prepared to offer our expert opinion on your unique situation – so if you’d like some advice on commercial heating, or any kind of commercial gas installation, why not get in touch with us today via our contact us page!

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