Biomass Boiler Installations

In recent times biomass has come to the fore as a viable source of efficient, clean energy, and so today more and more businesses are looking at biomass boiler installations to heat their buildings in a cleaner, greener, more efficient way.

Why is this? Well, for decades businesses have relied on traditionally-fuelled heating systems to keep their business premises warm through the winter months – but in the modern world, we know that traditional fuels like oil, gas and other hydrocarbons are a finite resource, and they aren’t as kind to the environment as a lot of people might like.

The Adapt Gas team are definitely on board with this – we too have moved with the times and as a result we are fully qualified to perform biomass boiler installations in addition to our work with more traditional heating systems. So, if you’re looking to make the switch to biomass, or you just want to learn more, read on and see how biomass boilers and Adapt Gas Solutions can help you!

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What fuels do biomass boilers use?

Usually, a biomass boiler installation will be fuelled by wood in one form or another – for example chips, pellets, logs, or briquettes. However, wood is far from the only fuel source out there – other similar organic materials (such as straw or hay) can also be used, and still other biomass boiler installations can run on biodiesel, bio-alcohol, non-fossil methane, even vegetable oil!

What are the advantages of switching to biomass?

Biomass boilers offer increased efficiency & lower energy costs

First and foremost, a biomass boiler installation is an excellent way to offer efficient heating and hot water. With the wide range of available biomass fuels that we’ve talked about above, there’s sure to be a biomass heating solution that works for your business.

In the UK biomass heating will really be of a great benefit from a financial aspect as well. A biomass boiler will have a higher efficiency rating than boilers using traditional fuels. This higher efficiency rating is one of the things that has driven biomass boiler installation in domestic settings as it can save homeowners money on their energy bills – and now technology is in a place where it can offer the same savings to businesses too.

Biomass boiler installations are kinder to the environment

We’ve already talked about how biomass boiler installations are highly efficient, and in addition to the monetary savings that can offer, their efficiency also makes them more environmentally friendly, with less by-products and pollution created as a result of burning biomass fuels over more traditional options.

I’m interested in switching – what should I be thinking about?

Note that not all biomass boilers and heating systems are the same – not all of them will be suitable for your needs and circumstances, so businesses need to do their research into fuels, boilers, system layout and positioning of appliances etc. beforehand. It is well worth taking this extra time though as it makes it more likely that you’ll choose a system that works really well, saves you money, and is better for the planet too.

In addition to choosing the right setup for your needs however, you should also think about who will perform your biomass boiler installation and take care of maintenance. Just as with traditionally-fuelled boilers, you need to make sure that your installation is carried out in a responsible way, and by a qualified industry professional. Here in the north-west, that means that the Adapt Gas team should definitely be on your list of people to call!

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I’m ready to make the switch – how do I get a biomass boiler installed?

There really is no need to wait any longer to install a biomass boiler and heating or hot water system at your place of business. Call us today on 0161 331 9184, or click the button below and fill out the contact form to reach out to Adapt gas and get the ball rolling!

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