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Do you know the importance of a commercial gas survey Bolton, or what happens when you book one? Throughout our time in the business Adapt Gas Solutions have seen a few different questions that seem to crop up regularly regarding this subject – often from clients that aren’t accustomed to making changes to their gas setup. That said, however, we do of course understand the reason why these inquiries come up. A gas site survey is frequently part of a larger project for a business, and is therefore something they want to understand well.

Gas site surveys are significant parts of best practice when you start any major gas-related project, and it’s something should be carried out by a professional engineer specifically from the gas industry. The place to find those industry experts is Adapt Gas, and when you pick us for this task, you not just getting the best gas survey Bolton has to offer but the best engineers as well, and a report that will truly help the people managing your project to comprehend the various important factors in play at your site. They’ll see what’s achievable, what’s not, and what is probably going to be the best way to address your issues. Furthermore, with Adapt Gas the site study – and the knowledge given by a gas survey Bolton can depend on – are totally FREE!

With the ultimate objective of helping prospective clients understand what happens on a survey and why they’re needed, we’ve put together this guide – so read on, and discover exactly why you really need a solid gas survey Bolton!

a bolt being tightened into a steel pipe that goes out away from the camera

Gas Site Surveys – What are They?

A site study is fundamentally a visit made by a business gas expert to a given location – for instance, a structure site or business premises, to perceive how gas is (or could be) delivered to that space. As referred to above, gas site studies are for the most part done before new machinery is installed or alterations are made to the gas plumbing framework on location. With that said however, gas site surveys can be done any time that you feel need one carrying out, under any circumstance.

Why are Site Surveys Needed?

Again as we’ve referred to previously, performing a site survey is best practice when a project that will alter your gas setup starts. The best gas survey Bolton and her businesses have at their disposal can be an extremely valuable asset at this stage. The information and understanding our survey can give helps a business ensure that their new gas foundation work is done safely, and that any new machines are fit to be utilized safely when the work is finished.

Notwithstanding, security isn’t the only concern. A gas site survey also helps you understand the work site, since a site survey will show you what you’ll have to work around, what can be changed, and how easy, hard, or expensive those changes are likely to be. In addition to this information, a good survey can also identify things that can be done to make your current gas infrastructure more efficient as well, as a result possibly saving you money on utility charges too!

This information can all help a gas engineer find the best way to accomplish their task – but only if the survey is done well. For results you can really put your trust in, you’ll need an experienced and professional team to perform your survey – and when it comes to organizations who can give a dependable gas survey Bolton won’t find anyone better than Adapt Gas!

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A commercial gas engineer writing down their findings during a gas site survey

I Want A Site Survey – What Happens Next?

The first step is to arrange for the top gas survey Bolton has to offer, by booking one with our team. When your appointment comes around, our surveyor will analyse your site top to bottom. They’ll be looking at your existing gas infrastructure (if present), its overall condition, where your pipework goes etc., as well as any potential challenges that may exist on site, or any possible opportunities to increase efficiency, as discussed earlier.

As they piece together an expert comprehension of the circumstances and issues in play at your site, our engineer may have questions that they need to put to you as well – and if you have any specific drawings or plans (especially relating to your current gas supply and infrastructure), then they may ask to see them too to help improvement their assessment of your site further.

When the site study is complete, then your Adapt Gas engineer will report back to you regarding what they found. Their report will incorporate their suggestions as regards things that ought to be done for safety reasons (for example, any machines or fittings which should be fixed or removed) and you’ll likewise learn about any potential possibilities they’ve spotted where your present arrangement could be made more efficient. And finally – since an Adapt Gas survey wouldn’t be the top gas survey Bolton organizations have available to them unless we did our very best to be comprehensive and exhaustive in our work – we’ll always do our utmost to provide the most thorough, yet easy-to-understand report we can.

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