A Commercial Boiler Service Explained

Every business will need to have their boiler serviced eventually, but as with most things there is a way to perform a boiler service well, and a way not to. In the interest of spreading the word about good practice in the commercial heating industry and making clients aware of the service they should expect from a good provider, Adapt Gas Solutions have outlined the best practices that a commercial boiler engineer Manchester’s businesses can depend on will be employing when they visit your premises and service your boiler.

Repairman performing commercial gas maintenance on a radiator

The Best Practices Employed by the Commercial Boiler Engineer Manchester Trusts:

Much like a car, properly servicing a boiler involves much more than simply turning it on and making sure the radiators warm up. In fact, there are a number of steps and best practices that a good boiler engineer should work their way through in order to provide a thorough boiler service and give you the peace of mind that everything’s working properly – and of course as the commercial boiler engineer Manchester trusts, an Adapt Gas Engineer will work through these steps as necessary when servicing your boiler:

Step 1: Perform a Visual Inspection

The first step to be carried out by the best commercial boiler engineer Manchester has to offer will be a visual inspection – simply looking to see if they can see anything that’s not as it should be. Some things might take the trained eye of a commercial gas engineer to spot. Others – such as corrosion on the case itself – might not.

Step 2: Remove the Boiler Case

Next, the best commercial boiler engineer Manchester can boast will look to remove the boiler case and access the boiler’s initial workings. Each model of boiler is different so exactly how this is done will depend on the model and how it’s case is attached. However, as always you can trust an Adapt Gas engineer – as a Gas Safe registered professional and one of the top commercial gas engineers Manchester’s businesses have at their disposal – to remove the boiler case with the minimum of fuss and disruption, and without causing damage to the case itself too.

Step 3: Inspect and Clean the Internal Components

Not all problems with your boiler will show on the case itself, so after removing it the best commercial boiler engineer Manchester has to offer will move on to inspect the internal components (including the main injector, spark probe, heat exchanger and burner) looking for anything that is not the way it should be. As a matter of best practice (and to make their inspection easier) our engineer will also clean the inside of the boiler too.

Step 4: Inspect the Flue

A flue inspection comes next, and sees our engineer – a leading commercial boiler engineer Manchester can rely on, don’t forget – again make a visual examination of your flue(s). They’ll be checking for any visual signs of damage or obstruction, and that it is securely fitted.

Step 5: Check the Gas Pressure

Next up, the best commercial boiler engineer Manchester has to offer will check your boiler’s gas pressure. This is vitally important as both pressure that’s too low and too high can stop your boiler working at its best, and in some cases can even be dangerous.

Step 6: Fire up the Boiler

Assuming that no issues have been detected so far then that’s a great sign that your boiler is in good working condition. The final step is to fire up the boiler and just make sure that everything does indeed work as it should. Not all problems can be seen at all times, some only give themselves away when the boiler is in operation, so here your Adapt Gas engineer will be looking and listening both to the boiler and heating appliances it’s connected to for anything out of the ordinary.

If a potential fault or problem is detected then as a top commercial boiler engineer Manchester’s businesses can turn to when they need help, your Adapt Gas engineer will set about diagnosing it – but if not, then all signs indicate that your boiler is working fine. Finally, with the service complete, the engineer will replace the boiler cover and return it to regular operation.

What to do if a Problem Becomes Evident Outside of a Service

If the unexpected happens and an issue occurs with your boiler then don’t worry. Adapt Gas operate a 24-hour Emergency Call Out service, and can dispatch a commercial boiler engineer Manchester trusts to your location any time day or night to investigate, advise and (in many cases) set about repairing the issue. For more information on that service, click here.

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