Commercial Gas Installation

Adapt Gas Solutions are the commercial gas fitters Bolton can depend on. We have a detailed understanding of the installation procedures for a vast array of different machines and gas appliances that are regularly seen in commercial settings. When you contact us looking for commercial gas installation support, you also gain access to an abundance of skills and knowledge – expertise that lets us take on almost any commercial gas installation job without issue.

At the point when you call in Adapt Gas Solutions, you make the choice to work with the top commercial gas fitters Bolton can boast. Thus, you can also be certain that the work is being completed by a highly proficient engineer and in compliance, with all health and safety rules. In the paragraphs below you’ll find further details on the commercial gas fitting and installation jobs that we work on most often.

A boiler during the commercial gas installation process – the engineer’s 2 hands reaching inside to work on the components

Commercial Gas Boiler Installation

Commercial boiler installations make up a large proportion of the work that the Adapt Gas team take on. Because of this, we have amassed a lot of experience working with commercial gas boilers, alongside the skills and knowledge that’s needed in order to handle any task in this area with confidence. If you need a boiler installing and you need the task done right without fail, make Adapt Gas – the go-to commercial gas fitters Bolton and her organizations rely upon – your first port of call!

Commercial Gas Line Installation

Without a primary gas line, the various commercial gas machinery and pipework that you might have on your business premises will be starved of the vital gas supply that they need. It’s the indispensable first component in the chain of operations that allows your business and your different machines and gas plumbing subsystems to do their jobs, because it gives them access to the fuel they need. Adapt Gas Solutions are considered specialists when it comes to jobs like these, and when you need a gas line installing we can help you meet that need quickly, and without disturbance to your regular business activities.

4 connected gas tanks leading towards the camera on stable pressure
a bolt being tightened into a steel pipe that goes out away from the camera

Commercial Secondary Meter Installation

If you need to monitor use of the gas supply at your premises across different departments, buildings or machines, then you’re going to need to install ‘secondary’ meters to do that. There are rules and guidelines to be obeyed when it comes to the installation and use of auxiliary meters, so this kind of job essentially requires somebody with experience to deal with it – and who better than the best commercial gas fitters Bolton has to offer, Adapt Gas?

If your particular project is not listed here, do not despair. The Adapt Gas team – the top commercial gas fitters Bolton business owners have at their disposal – might still be able to help. Call us today to discuss it and find out!

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