24-Hour Emergency Call-Out

Issues with your gas supply (or the equipment that uses that gas supply) can be incredibly dangerous if left unchecked. Such issues need to be addressed at the earliest opportunity, and that is precisely why Adapt Gas Solutions keep one of our engineers – the best gas engineers in the north west – ready to respond to emergency callouts 24 hours a day, every day. So, if you need an emergency gas engineer Rochdale – no matter when that might be – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Furthermore, we understand that dealing with an unforeseen issue like this can be far from pleasant, and actually quite stressful depending on the nature of the issue. Nonetheless, this section of our site should give you a clear picture of what happens when you call out the Adapt Gas emergency engineer – an emergency gas engineer Rochdale (and different towns and urban communities in the north west) can rely upon in a crisis.

a bolt being tightened into a steel pipe that goes out away from the camera

Stage One: If you Suspect you Have an Issue

‘I think I have a problem, and I CAN smell gas.’
First and foremost – don’t panic. Open each window or entryway that you can – this will let outside air ventilate the impacted region, and help any gas that has gotten inside to escape and dissipate. One you’ve done this, the following stage is to turn off the gas supply at the mains. In this situation you should look for the mains gas tap for your property, which Is typically found somewhere near your meter. Finally, you should leave the property and stay outside until your Adapt Gas engineer – an emergency gas engineer Rochdale based businesses can rely on – has arrived at your location.

‘I think I have a problem, and I CAN NOT smell gas.’
If you suspect an issue but you can’t smell gas, the procedure you should follow is significantly shorter. There’s no immediate need to evacuate in this case – but you should stay away from the equipment that you suspect to be faulty, and continue ahead to stage two…

Stage Two: Getting Help

Whether you can smell gas or not, this is a good opportunity to call 07814 701 798 and call in the Adapt Gas team. When you do so, we will request your basic contact details, and some additional data about the issue you’re having and where it is. Once that information has been collected, we’ll then dispatch a top-quality emergency gas engineer Rochdale entrepreneurs can depend on to your location.

If you do smell gas, remember that you ought to either be calling us from another building, or from outside. Don’t place the call while still inside the building that is having issues. In addition to ourselves you should also place a call to the National Gas Emergencies Number (0800 111 999) and follow any directions that they give you. Once you’ve done this, all that remains is to hold on a little bit longer, until that emergency gas engineer Rochdale entrepreneurs rely upon has arrived.

Stressed woman on phone seeking help from emergency gas engineers
a bolt being tightened into a steel pipe that goes out away from the camera

Stage Three: Once The Emergency Gas Engineer Rochdale Businesses Trust Arrives

Once your Adapt Gas Solutions engineer – the emergency gas engineer Rochdale calls upon when they need one – has arrived, you can relax just a little bit, help is on the scene. Soon after arriving they’ll make an assessment of the equipment in question, recognize what’s going on, and begin work to resolve any issues identified to the best of their ability.

While at your property your Adapt Gas engineer might need to ask you a few questions, they may need to get extra assistance from one of their colleagues, or they may need to leave and return to your property in order to acquire any new parts that your equipment or fault might require to be fixed appropriately. You should answer these questions as completely as you can, since the information they provide will be used by the emergency gas engineer Rochdale and her businesses can rely on to help resolve your problem.

Step Four: Billing

We may be the go-to supplier for an emergency gas engineer Rochdale calls upon when they need one, however sadly in an emergency call-out situation we simply can’t give cost estimates or accept payment for work until a task has been completed. Unfortunately, the nature of an emergency call-out means we just can’t say for certain what work will be needed ahead of time. That being the situation, that means we can’t provide a reliable estimate of the cost until the issue has been investigated. In any case, when your issue is settled then we will bill you as promptly as we can, and we’ll be happy to clarify your payment options should you need us to as well.

4 connected gas tanks leading towards the camera on stable pressure

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