24-Hour Emergency Call-Out

Unfortunately, gas can be dangerous. If you have a problem with your gas system you need to get it looked at straight away, and by an emergency gas engineer Bolton can trust to do the job well. If you don’t, the consequences could be incredibly serious, both for your business, the building it operates from, and the people who work there. Issues such as suspected gas leaks or faulty appliances should be investigated at the earliest opportunity, and that is the justification for why Adapt Gas Solutions maintain at least one of our elite commercial gas engineers on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So If you’re ever in need of an emergency gas engineer Bolton, don’t wait – reach out to us!

This step by step guide should help you understand what happens when you call in the best emergency gas engineer Bolton (and different towns and urban areas in the north west) can rely upon in an emergency – after all, we do understand that dealing with an unforeseen break or other issue like this can be disturbing and distressing. And we wanted to take as much of that stress as possible out of the experience for our clients.

a bolt being tightened into a steel pipe that goes out away from the camera

Stage One: If you Suspect you Have an Issue

‘I think there is a problem, and I CAN smell gas.’
Firstly, it’s important not to panic. Open each window or entryway that you can – this will let outside air ventilate the area you suspect that the gas is leaking into, and help any gas that is trapped inside to get away and dissipate. One you’ve done this, you should next turn off the gas supply at the mains (once you get to this point you’ll be searching for the mains gas tap for your property, which Is generally found near your meter). And finally, you should leave the property and stay outside until an Adapt Gas engineer – an emergency gas engineer Bolton and her organizations can trust – shows up.

‘I think there is a problem, but I CAN NOT smell gas.’
If you can not smell gas, the procedure you need to follow is significantly more direct. You don’t need to evacuate the affected area in this situation (though you can if you want to). However – you should keep away from the apparatus that you suspect to be broken, and progress to stage two…

Stage Two: Getting Help

Whether you can smell gas or not, once you get to this point it’s the ideal time to call 07814 701 798 and contact Adapt Gas Solutions. When you do, we’ll request your basic contact details, and request some additional data about the issue and where it is. Once we have that information we’ll then dispatch a top quality emergency gas engineer Bolton entrepreneurs can depend on to your site.

Remember that if you do smell gas, as per stage one above you ought to either be calling us from another building, or from outside. Don’t call us while you’re still inside the affected premises. As well as ourselves you should also call the National Gas Emergencies Number on 0800 111 999, and follow any directions that they give to you. When all of this is done, the hard part’s over – and all that remains is to wait for that emergency gas engineer Bolton business owners rely upon shows up.

Stressed woman on phone seeking help from emergency gas engineers
a bolt being tightened into a steel pipe that goes out away from the camera

Stage Three: After the Emergency Gas Engineer Bolton Trusts Arrive on the Scene

When Adapt Gas Solutions – the go to supplier for an emergency gas engineer Bolton calls upon when they need one – has a colleague on site with you, all you need to do is relax and let the engineer’s insight and mastery guide procedures from here. Before long they should have assessed the situation, as well as the equipment you suspect to be faulty – from this point they’ll start work to determine what’s happening, why, and when you can expect it to be fixed.
It’s normal for your Adapt Gas engineer to be asking questions while on-site with you – the answers you give will help them understand the problem and how It should be resolved. It’ also a normal occurrence for them to need to leave and return to your property – for example to get any new parts that your job might require. So if either of these things happen, don’t worry – it’s all in aid of helping our engineer understand the issues you’re having as fully as possible, or an active step towards resolving them.

Step Four: Billing

We may be the go to supplier for an emergency gas engineer Bolton can turn to when they need one – however, the nature of emergency work means that unfortunately we can’t give statements early or accept payment for work undertaken until a job is completed. With jobs like these we really can’t say what work will be needed ahead of time – and that being the situation, it also implies that we can’t give a solid assessment of the expense incurred (in terms of time, labour and money) until we’re there on site with you and we’ve examined your issue. With that being said however, when the job is complete and your issue is resolved. we will invoice you for the work as promptly as we can, and clarify your payment options should you ask us to as well.

4 connected gas tanks leading towards the camera on stable pressure

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